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Assessing Your Needs

If you have problems in daily living due to sight impairment, you can request an assessment of your needs, which will look at all aspects of visual loss, care and provisions.

The Visual Impairment Rehabilitation Team can:

  • support you to complete an assessment of your needs
  • complete registration if required
  • carry out rehabilitation support where necessary

Rehabilitation support available includes:

  • Communication support, access to Braille and specialist computer equipment.
  • Eccentric reading which enables some people suffering from a severe level of Macular Degeneration to maximise the use of their vision through instruction.
  • Orientation and outdoor mobility training
  • Support with technical and practical aids to help with daily living, for example a talking clock or a signature guide.
  • Specialist cookery courses are periodically arranged following identification at the time of your assessment.
  • They also provide information on other organisations and services available to support visually impaired people.

Assessments are normally undertaken at Vane House Resource Centre by appointment only.

If you or someone you know would benefit from an assessment please contact us