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Health Services

There are several health services in Darlington you can contact if you need help or advice about your health.

NHS Services

For information on GP surgeries, opticians, dentists and pharmacies as well as information about the Walk-In Centre contact:

Dr Piper House
King Street

Telephone: 01325 364271

NHS Direct
Telephone: 0845 46 47 (24 hours a day)

PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service)
They provide on the spot advice, information and support to patients, relatives and carers. PALS raises issues of concern and suggestions for service improvements which you may have.

For more information visit the PALS website [external link] and enter your postcode for services near you.

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Cancer Information and Support

For information on support available if you, or someone you know, has cancer, visit the Cancer Services in County Durham and Darlington webpage [external link].

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Substance Misuse

Help and support is available in Darlington for people currently experiencing problems with substance misuse.

The Gate
Integrated Drug and Alcohol Service
John Dobbin Road
158-166 North Road

Telephone: 01325 267230
Email: [email protected]


Bladder and bowel problems are very common and often people are too embarrassed to ask for help.

People don’t need to suffer in silence - there is help available. Unfortunately, it is still a taboo subject, but is something that can be easily treated and can have a big effect on a person's health and well-being.

The Continence Service is available to any adult living within Darlington. The service has bases in Bishop Auckland, Chester-le-street, Darlington and Peterlee. Specialist Nurses run clinics in several locations.

How to contact the Continence Service
Doctors and nurses discuss this type of problem every day and are willing to listen to you. You can ask your GP, Practice or Community Nurse to refer you to the service or you can refer yourself.

For more information on assessment, advice and treatment in the promotion of continence:

Continence Specialist Nurse
Telephone:  01388 825696

Useful Contacts

Bladder & Bowel Community website [external link] Provide information to allow you to make educated and informed choices.

Bladder and Bowel UK [external link] Provide booklets and factsheets, offer online support forums and a magazine

Offers advice and information on products that can help manage bladder and bowel problems.

Taking Medication

For people who find it difficult to remember which prescribed medication to take and when, there is support available.


Local chemists can put your prescribed medication into a box which has the days of the week and times for taking the medication marked on it to help you remember.


If you are receiving Lifeline services from the Council, or would wish to do so, you could also receive Telecare services. Within this range is a pill dispenser which can be set to release tablets at certain times of the day. The device is linked to a call centre, so if you don’t take your medicines, someone is automatically alerted.

For more information visit the Telecare webpages.

For people who are interested in buying a pill dispenser, there are a number of gadgets on the market that can perform a similar task.

 Care Workers

If you have been assessed as requiring a support package, which includes visits from a care worker on a daily basis, they can perform a supervisory role by ensuring that you always take the right medication at the right time. Staff will always make a record of any medication taken.

Please note that Home Care staff employed by the Council will not be able to recommend, buy on your behalf, or assist in the administration of ordinary household medicines.

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