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Plans and Reports

Allourfutures 1

"All our Futures" - A Strategy for Later Life in Darlington 2008-2021 [pdf document] - This strategy is designed to ensure that the council and its partners pursue policies and modify services that take account of, and respond to, the specific needs of older people.


Carers Strategy and Implementation Plan 2013-16 [pdf document] - This document sets out the plan for carers services for the next three years.

Commissioningforcitizensh 1

Commissioning for Citizenship - Darlington Adult Social Care: Overarching Commissioning Plan 2009-2029 [pdf document] - This document explores a model of commissioning and investment which looks to support an individual with social care needs to be a citizen first. It also identifies our commissioning intentions as they are currently.

Also available in an easy read version: Commissioning for Citizenship - easy read version [pdf document]

Dementia Strategy

Dementia Strategy for Darlington and County Durham [pdf document] - This document sets out how dementia services will be developed across Darlington and County Durham.

DFG Policy

Disabled Facilities Grant [pdf document]
This document sets out the Council's policy about Disabled Facilities Grants.

Extracarestrategy 1

Extra Care Housing Strategy 2013-17 [pdf document]
This document sets out the plan for Extra Care services in Darlington for the next five years.

 Transportpolicy 1

Funded Transport Policy [pdf document] - The Funded Transport Policy has been written to ensure everyone who uses transport is charged fairly.

Health and Social Care Delivery Plan [pdf document] - This Plan provides the delivery vehicle for the Healthy and Supported outcome of our Joint Health & Well Being Strategy.

Darlington Health And Wellbeing Plan Thumb

Health and Well-Being Strategy [pdf document] - The Strategy is about both the people and the place of Darlington and sets out how we intend to improve the overall Health and Well Being of our population.

Market Position Statement [pdf document]. The Council sets out its current position in relation to adult social care and sets its future direction. If you are a social care provider we hope you will find the information contained in the statement helpful. If you think there is information missing that would assist you as a provider please do not hesitate to contact either [email protected] or [email protected].

MH Concordat

Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat [pdf document] - This document sets out the action plan for mental health crisis care.

 MH Strategy

No Health Without Mental Health [pdf document] is a cross-government mental health strategy for people of all ages. The Darlington Implementation Plan [pdf document] shows actions to be implemented from 2014 - 2017.

Endoflife 1

Strategy for Adult Palliative and End of Life Care Services [pdf document] - This strategy sets out the service provision for those people needing palliative or end of life care services.

YC 1

Young Carers Action Plan 2013-16 [pdf document] - This document sets out the plan for young carers services for the next three years.