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Being Accountable


Step 6 - Being Accountable

Personal Budgets are public funds and as such Adult Social Care will still need to account for how they are spent.

Local Authority Accountability

Those individuals who opt to have their Personal Budget in the form of a Direct Payment will still be required to tell the local authority how they have spent the money to meet the needs that they have identified in their support plan.

Individual Accountability

The individual will be required to sign the Personal Budget Direct Payment Agreement Form before any Payment is made into their bank account. This includes an agreement that the individual will:

  • Keep adequate records of their expenditure as required by the local authority
  • Submit the records to the local authority at agreed intervals
  • Return any unused funds to the local authority when requested.

Support to manage the Direct Payment

Some individuals will be able to set up systems to keep records themselves and send in their returns to the local authority with little or no support. However, others may choose to ask family/ friends to support them with this.

For those with no obvious support to keep and submit records, the Direct Payments Support Service is able to offer as much or as little support as an individual needs to keep appropriate records and make timely returns to the local authority. This support is currently provided free of charge to individuals.

Managed Personal Budget

Those who opt for the local authority to manage the personal budget on their behalf need not keep any records of their expenditure as a virtual account will be kept for them by the local authority staff. Individuals should however be able to have input into how their money is spent.

As the internal system is developed, it is anticipated that statements of how the budget is being spent and the current balance will be sent to individuals at least 6 monthly.