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Enjoying Life

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Step 7 - Enjoying Life

You get on and live your life with the support and services identified in your Support Plan. We want to know if your Personal Budget is working for you.

The Review

After 6 weeks and at the end of the year you will have a review with your supporting officer to find out how your plan has worked for you, if any problems occurred and if so, how were they sorted out? During this review you will need to tell us how you have spent your money. Your supporting officer will arrange this meeting. Sometimes, reviews might happen more often, depending on your circumstances. 

The review will focus on 4 areas that are designed to explore what has worked well in the support plan and also to identify any lessons that may have been learnt.

  1. Outcomes - how have they been achieved?
  2. How has your natural and paid support helped you?
  3. Managing your money
  4. Any new goals/objectives?

Who will review my Personal Budget?

You and your supporting officer will review your Personal Budget together, you can also have input from your Circle of Support if you like. You will complete a Personal Budgets Review Form. If your life has changed a lot, you may need to complete a new Care and Support Needs Assessment. Your supporting officer will do this with you.

What if I am unhappy with my Personal Budget or my support?

If you are unhappy with your Personal Budget or your support you need to;

  • Discuss it directly with the people providing your support
  • Contact your supporting officer or your support broker.

You can also use the complaints procedure. Your Supporting Officer can also tell you how to contact an independent advocate if you want one.