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Having the Plan Agreed

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Step 3 - Having the Plan Agreed

Once the Council has agreed your support plan, your personal budget will be allocated to you. 

Once you have written your support plan it has to be agreed by Darlington Borough Council before you will receive your money. The support plan forms a contract between you and Darlington Borough Council. If the support plan has everything in it that the Council needs to see, it is likely to be agreed by your supporting officer.

For your support plan to be agreed it must contain the following:

  • What you want to change in your life and what needs to stay the same.  These are known as ‘outcomes’.
  • What support you need to achieve these outcomes, when you need it, how you will manage any risks.
  • What your support will cost for the year.
  • How you want to have your Personal Budget. 
  • How your support will be organised and who will manage the money.
  • How you will stay in control of your life. 
  • How you will make sure that the actions written in the support plan happen.

You can view the Top Ten Tips for choosing a support provider (PDF document)