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Managing the Budget

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Step 4 - Managing the Budget

Your Personal Budget allows you to choose the best ways to meet your support needs and achieve your goals. You can choose to have it paid to you as a Direct Payment to buy services, or you can choose someone to look after the money for you and spend it on your behalf to buy support that meets the goals in your plan.

After your Support Plan has been agreed you will be notified of your final Personal Budget. You can have as much or as little control as you wish to have.

Either you or a person making decisions on your behalf can change how you wish to manage your Personal Budget at any time.

It is important that you or your decision maker understands all of the possible options, and the pros and cons of each option before you make a decision on how to manage your money.

There are 3 main options, with flexibility within each option, on how you can receive your Personal Budget:

  1. As a Direct Payment to you. You or someone you nominate to act on your behalf can receive and manage the Personal Budget as a Direct Payment. 
  2. As a service bought by the Council. You can ask Adult Social Care or another organisation to directly manage your personal budget for you. They will arrange support on your behalf. If you choose Adult Social Care to do this, the process is the same as current commissioning of services.
  3. Both as a Direct Payment and a council bought service. You or someone acting on your behalf may choose to have a combination of the above two options.  This may be a useful option to many people who are apprehensive about managing a Direct Payment and initially may want to have a small amount of their personal budget as a Direct Payment, so that they can try it out but have the reassurance of commissioned services at the same time.

You will be required to sign the Personal Budget Direct Payment Agreement Form before any Payment is made into your bank account.