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Support Planning

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Step 2 - Support Planning

Once you know how much your indicative personal budget will be, you will need to write a support plan to show how you will spend your money to meet your social care support needs as identified in your Care and Support Needs Assessment.

Your support plan should clearly set out how your assessed eligible needs, as identified in your completed Care and Support Needs Assessment will be met.

It important to note that it is only after a support plan has been returned to Adult Social Care and an agreement reached and signed that any money can actually be paid into an individual’s Direct Payment Bank Account.

Support Plan Guidelines (PDF document)

Your Plan will not be agreed if:

  • the information in the plan treats you like a stereotype, and does not express your individuality and it is written in very general terms.
  • if it does not clearly specify what you want to change or if the changes appear to be imposed by others. 
  • if the actions would make your situation worse. 
  • if you have no idea how you are going to use your Individual Budget to get support. 
  • if you or others are at great risk of harm but you’ve done nothing about it. (There is guidance on health and safety on the In Control website [external link]
  • if it does not say how your money will be used.  If you are taking your Individual Budget as a direct or indirect payment, then the plan must say how much the service will cost. The plan will not be agreed if it is unclear who is responsible for what, or if you don’t intend to do everything that you must do by law.  The plan must take into account employment and discrimination laws.
  • if it looks like others are making decisions for you if you could reasonably make those decisions yourself.  
  • if you just said some general things that need to happen. There needs to be clear actions that will make sure your plan will happen.