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Preparing Meals

Preparing meals can be difficult for some people because they experience problems shopping or preparing food. There are a range of services that can support people with meals.

Hot Meals Delivery

If you find it difficult to prepare a hot main meal for yourself, there are a number of providers who deliver hot meals to your home. Contact the provider directly for more information and prices.

If there is a public house, restaurant or fish shop close to your home, they may be able provide a hot meal delivery service. You will need to contact them directly for more information.

Frozen Ready Meals

If you have difficulty preparing food, but you are able to use an oven or microwave you could look at buying frozen meals. Frozen ready meals can be bought from any supermarket, or you could consider buying frozen ready meals that are delivered to your home. You would need a small freezer to store these.

You can contact any of the organisations direct but if you are still unsure, contact Adult Social Care, who will be able to advise you.


A number of supermarket chains now provide a delivery service. There is a small charge for this on top of your grocery bill but it can be an invaluable service if you are having difficulty getting out of the house. If you are able to get to the supermarket but have difficulty navigating your way around or reaching shelves, some supermarkets offer support from their staff to help with this. You will need to contact the supermarket directly to arrange this.