Cyber Champions

In Darlington we aim to build digital literacy and resilience skills in children, young people, professionals, parents and carers. Creating a multi-agency partnership allows us to share up to date information and local trends.

Cyber Champions Charter [Word document]

If you would like to sign up to be a Cyber Champion in your setting, please contact Darlington Internet Safety Partnership on [email protected]

Scaling Offers

We have a range of packages available for purchase. These can include direct delivery with pupils, as well as with staff or parents, membership to the Cyber Champions Database, being a member of the Darlington Internet Safety Partnership steering group and receive up to date information of useful resources and local information and trends.

DFE Guidance

Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education

The DFE has released a new PSHE curriculum that will be statutory from September 2020. They are encouraging educators to adopt this curriculum now to ensure a smooth transition. 

Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education [external link]

Education for a Connected World

This framework aims to educate children and young people about the digital world, to be able to manage risks and how technology can influence people.

Education for a Connected World [external link]

Loot Boxes, Gaming and Gambling.

Loot boxes, and other gambling related practices are becoming commonplace within video games. Both loot boxes and micro transactions are encouraging gamers to spend real money on virtual items. Whilst not legally classed as gambling, as the prizes have no monetary value, the emotional response from winning or losing is the same.

Loot boxes give the promise of winning the most sought after skins, characters and equipment, however the chances of winning the big prize is small. Not getting the prize they want could cause people to purchase several more. Accounts with the rarest skins and equipment can be sold on third party websites.

The Royal Society for Public Health and the PSHE Association have published the following reports around young people and gambling. You will find these reports are a useful guide when planning lessons or sessions on the related topics.

RSPH - Skins in the Game [external link]

Social Media Library

From the results of the Healthy Lifestyle Survey, we can see what the most popular games and apps are that children and young people are using. Members who have signed up to be a Cyber Champion will have access to our Social Media Library, providing information, advice and guidance on these games and apps. Below is a sample of the top four apps that year 5 and 6 pupils are using.

YouTube logo

YouTube logo


YouTube is a video streaming service. People can watch videos posted by others, or make their own videos. You can also comment on people videos. Videos can also be streamed live.

The videos can be on any topic, from gaming to educational.



Once uploaded, videos can be viewed by anyone. there is a not on negative comments posted to the video creators and to other people within the comments. The content in the videos can also be unsuitable, using bad language or having inappropriate content.

Snapchat Logo

Snapchat logo


Snapchat is an image sharing app. People can add filters to their images and choose who they send the image to from their friends list. Once the image has been viewed, it can't be viewed again. Images can also be shared with all friends for 24 hours before it is removed.


Whilst images can't be viewed again on the app, then can be saved by taking a screen shot. From this, the image can be shared to others who were not intended to see it.

The app also uses location services to place people on a map, others can identify where you are in you have this on

Instagram Logo

Instagram logo


Instagram is a social media app. It allows people to post images for others to view and comment on. It allows people to connect with their friends or celebrities.


We have had to deal with several incidents of bullying over Instagram, through the messages that people have sent or the images they have posted. There is also a lot of inappropriate images posted, which may encourage others to post their own.

TikTok Logo

TikTok logo


Formerly, TikTok allows people to record, edit, post and share short videos. Videos are quite often people singing / miming songs or copying challenges and trends.


We have known of incidents of bullying over TikTok. This has been due to people either leaving negative comments or posting offensive videos. Videos are not always suitable and may contain age-inappropriate content.

The age rating for all these apps is 13 years old.

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