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Cyber Squad aims to support children and young people to develop and deliver their own education sessions on Internet safety to their peers and parents and carers at their school.  The project and lesson plans are put together using key information gathered locally from 30 schools during the Healthy Lifestyles Survey. 

Using information within the Healthy Lifestyles Survey and knowledge we have gained from working with and supporting children and young people, we planned a program that covers the risks and dangers associated with all aspects of children’s and young people’s online usage. We aim to increase each individual’s self-awareness of the risks and dangers they face online and the importance of having a positive Digital Footprint.

Internet Safety Issues Covered

  • Cyber Bullying.
  • Digital Footprint.
  • Online Risks and Dangers.
  • Think Before You Post – looking at possible consequences from what we post online.
  • Sharing private information online.
  • Strangers online and how to protect yourselves.

Schools Outcomes

  • Make e-safety learning fun and effective through peer-led education.
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to be positive role models within the school.
  • Positive impact on pupils increased e-safety knowledge leading to safer online use.
  • Helping schools embed e-safety throughout the school and work towards outstanding e-safety practice and DfE guidance.

Pupil Outcomes

  • To increase pupil knowledge of Internet safety.
  • To aid the pupil in identifying risk & dangers on the Internet.
  • To build self-awareness, critical-thinking and decision-making skills relating to their computer/internet usage.
  • To help pupils to protect themselves from inappropriate behaviour online.

Here are some quotes from Cyber Squad members.

"I have enjoyed learning about how to be a peer mentor and about games and dangers which happen if you do something bad and it will get saved onto your digital footprint"

"I enjoyed it because we learned a lot about how everyone leaves a digital footprint an how easily people can get your information"

"I have enjoyed learning about digital footprint and learning about confidentiality"

"It is scary how people can harm themselves as a result of using social media and the internet"

Cyber Squad Cadets

As well as providing intensive training to a group, we also deliver training to whole classes or year groups. These Cyber Squad Cadets will learn about why it is important to stay safe whilst using the internet or gaming, and how to protect themselves.

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