Advice for DBC contracted providers of goods or services

Darlington Borough Council recognises that this is a very difficult time due to circumstances beyond either it or its Contractors’ control. Where services can be delivered either as current or in a modified way then they should be. Where this is not possible and in line with the Government’s announcement on Friday 20 March 2020, the Council is committed to ensuring that the financial impact on your business, and those engaged by you, is minimised where your contracted services cannot be delivered either as previously or in any reasonably modified way.

In light of this commitment, the Council’s has reviewed the terms and conditions upon which you operate, and, rather than, as it is contractually entitled, to totally, or partially, suspend the Services until the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak have ceased, the Council is taking reasonable steps to mitigate the impact upon you, by proposing temporary variations to your contract to make a Supplier Relief Payment (or other support) in accordance with the guidance set by the Government in the Procurement Policy Note dated June 2020 [pdf document]

The Council is urgently assessing all of its contracts to determine where a Supplier Relief Payment may be made and Providers will be contacted with proposals for Supplier Relief. If you are a Council Contracted provider whose services cannot be delivered (or delivered in a modified way) and you have any specific queries on Supplier Relief under your contract please telephone 01325 405489.

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