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Scams and misinformation

Unfortunately Coronavirus linked scams and misinformation have circulated.


We urge people to be vigilant and on the look out for Coronavirus scams, which prey on genuine concerns and worries in order to make quick money. 

The National Trading Standards team has put together a full list of the scams it is seeing across the country, including doorstep criminals, online and refund scams, counterfeit goods and scams linked to donations and goodwill

Local incidents

We are currently aware of the following Coronavirus linked scam in the borough.

Trading standards has been made aware of a company putting flyers through people doors offering to deep clean the exterior of people's homes as a deterrent against the Coronavirus for £80. Based on advice from Public Health England, Trading Standards believes that the company has made unsubstantiated and misleading claims and has instructed them to immediately stop.

If you have any information about this or any other Coronavirus scam occurring in Darlington, report it to Trading Standardsanonymously if you wish.


Misinformation can harm us all, and it is very easy to come across on social media. Whenever you read information about the Coronavirus, ensure it comes from a trusted source such as Public Health England

Be especially wary of claims of 'miracle cures', any advice that would undermine health officials, or anything that would promote violence. 

Public Health England is regularly updating information and advice regarding the virus, and if you believe you have symptoms of the virus please visit