The Bread and Butter Thing

What is the Bread and Butter Thing?

The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) is a charity based in Manchester who are trying to make life more affordable for people and families. With support from Cummins, Darlington Building Society and Darlington Borough Council, they have come to Darlington. They are currently running through the Community Support Hub, as well as Red Hall Primary School and Corporation Road Primary School.

What’s the offer?

The scheme provides groceries at a fraction of the high street prices. For £7.50 you receive three bags of food. They try and always give you some fruit and veg and something for your cupboards and fridge.

Where does the food come from?

The supplies come from the stuff that you hear about in the news going to waste, including supermarkets, factories and farms. There’s lots of reasons for this, sometimes there is just too much of something or things don’t go to plan, like when it rains in the summer when we are all planning BBQs. The supermarkets try and guess what customers want (and they are generally really good at this) but when their planning goes wrong, they have food they cannot sell.

Can I choose what I get?

Because TBBT takes what is available and makes up food bags for members, like veg boxes, they will give you whatever is available at the time and so the food will change from week to week and there isn’t any choice in what you get. Some weeks are fantastic and some less so. However, you will always be saving money and getting new foods to try. Many members ‘top up’ from the supermarket once they have seen what they have from TBBT.

It’s because you don’t choose what is in the parcel that they can afford to provide things much cheaper than you will find anywhere else.

Find more information on TBBT website [external link]