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Looking for kitchen goods but can’t afford the purchases all in one go? If you’re taking up a new tenancy with Darlington Borough Council or just need White Goods for your existing, we can provide a package with the essential kitchen household goods to help get you started. We can help supply you with an electric cooker, washing machine, fridge-freezer and a Microwave.

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Please see below for the frequently asked questions on the Darlington Borough Council White Goods Rental Scheme:

Frequently asked questions

House With Tick Small Who is it for?

This service is only for Darlington Borough Council tenants who have an existing tenancy or starting a new tenancy.

Housing Services offer a rental scheme for essential kitchen appliances for an affordable weekly charge. This is a cost effective way of kitting out your kitchen with those essential appliances such as an electric cooker, washing machine, fridge-freezer and microwave.

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House With Tick Small What are the benefits of renting through Housing Services?

We offer a cost effective rental scheme which includes delivery, installation and repair cover. Our experienced team will help you make the application and carry out an affordability assessment with you to ensure it is affordable. Delivery is normally within 10 working days of your application being authorised and you can give notice at any time if you decide to purchase your own appliances.

House With Tick Small What is the weekly charge?

The charge is currently £15.13 (including VAT) per week. This charge may be covered by state benefits if you are in receipt of them, the Furnished Tenancy Officer will give you more information on charges and will carry out an affordability check with you.

House With Tick Small Who provides the furniture?

Newcastle Furniture Service (NFS) provides the items on behalf of Darlington Borough Council.

House With Tick Small Who can apply for the goods?

Any Darlington Borough Council tenant can apply for the goods, we do not provide them if you live with another landlord or own your own property.

House With Tick Small Can I buy or sell the furniture?

No, the furniture remains the property of the furniture service and government rules prevent them from selling the items onto you. You cannot buy or sell the items, if you do so we will report you to the Police for theft.


House With Tick Small How do I return the furniture?

Get in touch with your Furnished Tenancy Officer to end the agreement, they will contact the furniture service and arrange collection. Please make sure the goods are cleaned before they’re returned.

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House With Tick Small How do I report a fault or repair on the items?

Items are covered for the first 12 months by the manufacturer’s warranty so you should contact them. You must register your items with the manufacturer when they are first delivered to you. Any repairs or faults after this should be reported to your Furnished Tenancy Officer who will report this to the furniture service who will arrange to check and repair the goods with no extra charge to the tenant. You will be given an appointment date and time for the inspection, if you are not in for this appointment you may be recharged for a missed appointment.

House With Tick Small Can I take the items with me if I move?

You can take the items if you move to another Darlington Borough Council owned property, if you purchase your new home or move into another landlord’s property you cannot take the items and they must be left in the property. If you remove the items we will report you to the Police for theft.

House With Tick Small What are delivery times?

We aim to have your items delivered within 10 working days of your application being authorised. 

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House With Tick Small What furniture do you provide?

We supply essential kitchen appliances only; this includes a washing machine, electric cooker, fridge-freezer and microwave. The weekly cost is the same whether you have 1 item or all 4. 

House With Tick Small Can I give the furniture back at any time?

Yes, you can give us notice at any time and we will arrange for the items to be removed and collected by the furniture service. You will be provided with an appointment time and date for removal, if you miss this appointment you will be charged for a missed appointment. The items should be returned in a good clean condition.