Mental health and substance misuse

Do you consider yourself to be vulnerable due to mental health issues or substance misuse?

If you have issues with either substance misuse or mental health problems we work in conjunction with many other agencies that may be able to help you.

Some of these agencies provide specialist housing or a floating support service.

We can refer you to these agencies or you can contact them.

  • Carr-Gomm [external link]
  • MIND [external link]
  • NECA [external link]
  • 700 Club [external link] Provide hostel accommodation, outreach floating support, floating support for alcohol and substance misuse and the bond scheme
  • Creative support [external link] providing Mental Health Floating Support
  • Tenancy support - Floating tenancy support
  • Foundation [external link] - Working with young people providing crash pad accommodation, mediation and support services. Provide housing management service for emergency accommodation.
  • Richmond Fellowship [external link] - Providing floating support for complex needs clients
  • Stonham [external link] - Accommodation and Floating tenancy support
  • YMCA [external link] - Hostel and Outreach support for young people age 16 - 24