Extra Care

Mayflower Court [pdf document]

Extra Care general information leaflet [pdf document]

How to apply

You can apply online [external link]. Don't forget to complete a supplementary extra care form [pdf document] which must be completed and returned to the Town Hall.

Alternatively, call us on 01325 405333 to make an appointment at the Town Hall where we can help you complete your application

Your application will be processed and your details will be referred to the Intake Team at Social Services. A Community Care Assessment is carried out by Adult Services, which will assist with the allocation process. We will then determine if you are of high, medium or low care need. If you prefer, you may contact the Intake Team prior to completing your application form by calling 01325 406111.

Vacancies are allocated based on your care needs and your current housing situation.  In general priority will be given to those with a high level of care need, although those with a moderate or low care need may also be considered.

The list will change on a month-to-month basis as new people are added to the list and as some care needs change.

What does the Scheme Manager do?

  • Your Scheme Manager will contact you daily Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) visit you in your home, ensure you are familiar with the building, the communal facilities, services available and how to use them
  • Help to organise social, leisure and health activities within the scheme for those who choose to take part, helping you to maintain an active and independent life
  • Ensure the property is well maintained and that you know how to make the best use of the equipment provided such as heating, intercom and door entry systems
  • With your permission liaise with family networks, statutory, voluntary and private agencies to ensure your needs are met
  • Report and monitor repairs and maintenance work
  • Assess needs and in consultation with the residents liaise with their families, statutory, voluntary and private agencies to ensure your needs are met
  • Treat you with courtesy, honesty, equality and fairness. Listen and respect your confidentiality
  • Co-ordinate and give advice, though not directly provide services, such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, personal and nursing care.
  • Be easily identifiable by wearing a uniform


The Council offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week call service 365 days per year. Each apartment has a Lifeline call system installed, which is linked, directly to the Scheme Manager's office or to our control centre when the Manager is off duty. Should you require help either the Manager or the Emergency Response Officers will attend.

Mobility Vehicle Policy

Please be aware that we have a mobility vehicle policy in place for all our sheltered and extra care schemes. The policy is intended to create a safer environment for tenants, visitors and staff, and provide suitable storage accommodation for tenant's mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.

We have limited spaces in the schemes, so if you would like to request to use the storage area as an existing or new tenant, then please complete the permission for attached at the end of the Mobility Vehicle Policy and pass back to your scheme manager.