Notice of seeking possession

What does this mean?

One of the most important conditions of your tenancy agreement is that you pay your rent and that you pay it on time. We have a firm but fair policy for collecting rent which ensures that tenants who pay their rent should not have to subsidise those who don't. 

If your rent account falls into arrears you will receive letters and be contacted by your housing officer by phone or a visit to your home.

If you do not repay these arrears you may be served with a notice of seeking possession.

You should contact your housing officer as quickly as possible to discuss the matter and make arrangements to repay the amount. 

The notice of seeking possession has to be served before action can be taken to recover possession of your home. The notice of seeking possession will be deemed as served if it is:

  1. Handed to the tenant(s) by an officer of the Council or one of its agents
  2. If it is left at the property by either posting it through the letterbox, or if the property is screened by attaching the notice of seeking Possession to the screened front or back door.

The notice of seeking possession is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, but we cannot start legal action until 28 days after the date the notice of seeking possession was served.

Even at this stage, it is still not too late to make an arrangement to repay the amount owed, and avoid unnecessary legal action and costs. If you wish to appeal against the notice, please put your request in writing to us.

Once the 28 days has passed and if you still have not repaid the amount owing or made an arrangement, we intend to enter you into the County Court for non payment of rent.

You should always seek advice if you are unsure of your rights.