Rent statement explained

A guide to reading your rent statement

Click on the above image to download a pdf guide to reading your rent statement.

Week number

Our financial year always starts from the first Monday in April and this will be numbered as week one. Every other week will be identified in numerical order according to the date.


The date shown is the period start date and is always the Monday of that week.


Details the amount of rent you are charged together with all other charges such as water and sewerage charges, furnished tenancy charges, ground maintenance. The only charges that would not appear in this column are charges which are eligible for assistance through the Supporting People Grant. 

Housing benefit

Shows all payments of housing benefit made to your rent account. If after receiving your rent statement you are awarded housing benefit then your rent account will be amended accordingly and will appear on your next statement. 

If your circumstances have changed and you think you may be eligible for housing benefit please telephone 01325 405444.


All payments posted to your rent account. There may also be included here any which may have been returned unpaid by your bank, which will appear as a debit (without a minus sign).


If there are any unpaid direct debits, court costs or other adjustments to your rent account these will be shown here.


The rent account balance is listed for each week. A minus sign (-) against your balance indicates your account is in credit.