Providers of social and affordable rented homes in Darlington

Although the Council is the largest provider of social and affordable rented homes in Darlington there are a number of other organisations who have property in Darlington. These are mainly Housing Associations who are registered with the Homes and Communities Agency and there are also a number of charitable organisations. 

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Many of these organisations let all of their properties through Compass and you will need to register with Compass to apply for these properties. Some have their own waiting lists and let 50% through Compass and 50% from their own waiting list. You can register with Compass but you may want to visit the organisation’s Website to find out more about registering on their waiting list as well. There are a small number who do not participate in Compass but these are generally providers of specialist accommodation where special letting arrangement are in place. You will need to visit their Website to find out more.

Set out below are a list of the organisations who have property to rent and how to contact them. We have also identified if they use Compass for letting.

If you want to know more about Compass and how to register register or find out what properties are currently available in Darlington go to the Compass website [external link].

Organisation Type of housing provided More information Compass
Accent Foundation Limited General needs Accent group [external link] All
Anchor Trust Older People Anchor [external link] Own waiting list 50% nominations from the Council
Arpeggio Properties Limited Supported Housing - Learning Disabilities Arpeggio properties [external link] Specialist letting process
Bespoke Supportive Tenancies Limited Supported Housing- Learning Disabilities Bestha [external link] Specialist letting process
Broadacres Housing Association Limited General needs, Supported Housing

Broadacres [external link]

Centrepoint Supported Housing Centrepoint [external link] Specialist letting process
Coast & Country Housing Limited General needs

CoastandCountryHousing [external link]

Creative Support Limited Supported Housing

Creativesupport [external link]

Specialist letting process 
Darlington Housing Association Limited General needs, Older People

Darlington Housing Association [external link]

Humankind (formerly disc) Supported Housing

Human kind charity [external link]

Specialist letting process
Dimensions (UK) Limited Supported Housing- Learning Disabilities

Dimensions [external link]

Specialist letting process
North Star hosing group Supported Housing

North Star group [external link]

Golden Lane Housing Ltd Supported Housing-Learning Disabilities

Golden lane housing [external link]

Specialist letting process 
Hanover Housing Association Older People

Hanover [external link]

Home Group Limited General needs, Older People, Supported Housing

Homegroup [external link]

Housing & Care 21 Older People Hosuing&Care21 [external link] 50/50 
Karbon Homes General needs

Karbon homes [external link]

Jane Cameron's Old Peoples Charity Older People

Hanover [external link]

Own letting arrangement 
Livin Housing Limited General needs

Livin [external link]

New Progress Housing Association Limited Supported Housing- Learning Disabilities

Progress housing group [external link]

Specialist letting process 
Places for People Homes Limited General needs

Placesforpeople [external link]

Railway Housing Association and Benefit Fund General needs, Older People

Railway housing association [external link]

Reside Housing Association Limited Supported Housing

Reside housing association [external link]

Specialist letting process 
Salvation Army Housing Association General needs Salvation army sousing association [external link] 50/50
Sanctuary Housing Association Supported Housing

Sanctuary housing [external link]

Specialist letting process 
700 Club Supported Housing 700 club [external link] Specialist letting process 
Sir E D Walker Homes Older People 01325 463083 Own letting arrangement 
Tees Valley YMCA Supported Housing

Tees Valley YMCA [external link]

Specialist letting process 
The Abbeyfield (Darlington) Society Limited Older People Abbeyfield Darlington Society [external link] Own letting arrangement 
Castles and Coasts Housing Association Limited General needs Castles and coasts [external link] Own waiting list 50% nominations from the council 

Thirteen Group including:

  • Housing Hartlepool
  • Tees Valley Housing Limited
Tristar Homes Limited
General needs, Older People

Thirteen group [external link]