Red Hall regeneration

Starting in 2015 a major programme of works took place in Red Hall to improve the existing stock and introduce new housing. There were also plans for the immediate area surrounding Red Hall to be developed with up 2500 new homes mainly available to buy. A Master Plan was developed for the area which would take account of these developments and their wider effect. This was followed by a Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy which recognised that an equally important investment had to be made in the community to help it take advantage of the opportunities that were arising in the area.

After work started the area was awarded Healthy New Towns Status. One of 10 pilots across England aimed at building heathy living in to the design of new communities. The Darlington project included work with the existing community of Red Hall. You can read the story of the work of this project and the work with the community here [pdf document].

Over the course of two years there was an investment of £11.5 million in the Council stock including new Council properties:

A total of 39 new homes have been developed.

Red hall regeneration new builds

The layout of part of the “Courts” area has been changed with front and back doors to homes being reversed. This was done to address some of the problems the original “Redburn” design had created. The change was successful and the Council may repeat this in other areas when circumstances are right.

Red hall courts example

248 properties have received external cladding while 383 have received new double glazed windows and doors. This has greatly improved insulation and the energy efficiency of the properties as well as changing the appearance of large areas of Red Hall.

Red hall glazing example

A new play park has been created as part of the transformed “Courts area”. The new playpark was one of the tenant requests from a consultation in 2008. As well as play equipment, an outdoor gym was also provided. The Courts area is a mix of new housing and improved exiting properties.

Red hall regeneration play area

Work has also been done to improve the environment. This has the included the provision of artist designed benches that will form part of a “Red Hall walk”. There will also be footpath improvements and new signage that are intended to encourage residents to enjoy healthy walks. Local children had an input into the designs which will support a new walking route.

Red hall regeneration green area

The Community have also come together as the work progressed and they have started to organise their own activities and plan for the future. In the summer of 2018 the community organised its own summer fair.

Red hall community event

The main work on the existing stock has now come to an end but work will continue with the community and further work may take place in the future as more housing is developed in the surrounding area. In an exciting development a new major distribution centre is due to open near Red Hall at Symmetry Park in 2019 that will see the creation of between 2000 and 3000 new jobs.

Work is also underway to develop new housing in the surrounding area. Red Hall Stables is being developed by Keepmoat and more information can be obtained at their website [external link]. Other new developments are also continuing across the road from Red Hall at Lingfield Point.

If you are interested in living in Red Hall then follow the link to applying for Council housing.