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Apply online for a garage tenancy [online form, opens in new window]

The cost to Council tenants is £7.39 per week for the first two garages (£8.08 for additional garages) and £8.87 per week for private residents. There is no limit to the amount of garages you can rent, and they can be used to store both vehicles and personal goods.

What happens after I apply?

Your name will be placed on the list and you will receive a letter advising you of your chosen areas.

Once a garage becomes available and you reach the top of the list, you will receive a letter offering the tenancy. If you don't wish to take the garage or we have no reply within seven days from the date of the offer letter, the offer will be withdrawn and the garage offered to the next person on the list. There is no penalty for refusing the garage.

If you decide to accept the offer you will need to call into the customer services centre at the Town Hall bringing two forms of ID with you, and then sign two copies of the tenancy agreement. The tenancy will then start from the following Monday.

Paying rent

Rent needs to be paid promptly and is due in advance weekly on Monday. If you do not pay your rent we have the right to end the tenancy and change the locks on the garage. You will be billed for this plus any costs to clear the garage of its contents.

Find out more about making a payment

We will not rent a garage to anyone who has an outstanding debt with us, although consideration will be given to tenants with rent arrears of four weeks or less.

What you need to do

You must keep the garage in a clean and proper condition and look after and care for the garage. You will also be held responsible for the cost of any repairs other than those caused by fair wear and tear.

You must not:

  • carry out any trade or business in or from the garage,
  • sub-let or part with possession of the garage
  • make any additions or structural alternations in or to the garage

without our consent.

You must not park in a way to obstruct access to other garages in the block.

What we will do

We will maintain the garage in good repair with the exception of wilful or accidental damage or repairs caused by the tenants failure to take proper care of the garage.

For repairs call 01325 405333

We reserve the right to inspect the garage on giving reasonable notice. In exercising this right, employees of the Council or any other person will cause as little damage as possible and where damage does occur, it will be fixed.

Cancelling your garage

If you want to end the tenancy we will need one weeks notice, this can be done over the telephone by calling 01325 405333 or in person at the customer services centre, Town Hall.

The garage must be left in a clean and tidy condition. There will be a charge if we have to remove property/rubbish before the garage can be re-let.

Garage termination form [word document]

Contact us

If you need any more information about renting a garage, call 01325 405333 or email

Garage rent balance

You can view the details of any garages you rent from us on My Darlington+. Visit our housing rent balance page to find out more. Alternatively, call 01325 405333.

We have garages to rent in the following locations

Central Garages

Coniscliffe Road, Dinsdale Crescent, Hundens Lane.

Rise Carr Garages

Eldon Street, I’anson Street, Lock Street, Spring Hill.

Albert Hill Garages

Allan Street, Lucknow Street.

Lascelles Garages

Aldbrough Walk, Caldwell Green, Coxwold Drive, Ennerdale Road, Eppleby Way, Fenby Avenue, Gilling Crescent, Grinton Park Way, Harris Street, Headlam Road, Melsonby Crescent, Moulton Way, Ramsgill, Scargill, Selset Close, Skeeby Road, Streatlam Road.

Branksome/Cockerton Garages

Ampleforth Way, Atherstone Way, Bylands Way, Denton Close, Eggleston View, Ellerton Close, Finchale Crescent, Hexham Way, Malvern Crescent, Marrick Avenue, Nickstream Lane, Rosedale Crescent, Selby Crescent, Sherborne Close, Tintern Avenue, Wentworth Way, Whitby Way.

Firthmoor Garages

Alston Moor Close, Barden Moor Road, Emley Moor Road.

Redhall/Lingfield Garages

Aviemore Court, Ayresome Way, Bisley Court, Bramall Lane, Broadway South, Chepstow Court, Deepdale Way, Falcon Road, Goodison Way, Harringay Crescent, Headingley Crescent, Hickstead Court, Kempton Court, Lingfield Green, Mallory Court, Murrayfield Way, Roker Close, Teal Road, Trafford Close, White Hart Crescent, Wimbledon Close.

Skerne Park Garages

Eden Crescent, Hammond Drive, Ribble Drive.

Haughton/Springfield Garages

Springfield Road, Nightingale Avenue.

Rural Garages

  • Church Row - Hurworth
  • Linden Drive - Hurworth Place
  • Sanderson Road - Hurworth
  • The Gables - Hurworth
  • Bridge End - Piercebridge
  • Hopelands - Heighington
  • Haxby Road - Middleton St George
  • Dinsdale Close – Middleton St George
  • Pounteys Close - Middleton St George