What you fix

You are responsible for:

  • Blocked sinks, drains, hand basins, baths and WC’s
  • Bathroom fittings (such as towel rails)
  • TV aerials (unless we have fitted them in communal blocks)
  • Changing locks due to a stolen or lost key, additional window locks
  • Draining the water system: If the property is going to be left empty for more than one night during freezing weather conditions, the system should be drained or the central heating left on low to prevent pipes or tanks from bursting
  • Your own fixtures and fittings
  • Glazing
  • Refitting internal doors after a carpet has been fitted
  • Internal door handles
  • Flooded gardens
  • Electrical and gas installations or appliances - you must make sure that any appliances are installed by trained and competent trades people
  • Doorbell (unless installed by social or warden services)
  • Maintenance of the garden. Paving to the perimeter of the property and access paving to the front and rear of the house is the responsibility of the Council.
  • The repayment of unused decoration vouchers
  • The provision of dustbins
  • Light bulbs or tubes and pull cords
  • Shower Curtains
  • Minor Plaster Cracks
  • Boarding of broken windows and reglazing including out of hours
  • Re-lighting pilot lights for heating systems and additional gas bottles for temporary heating
  • Draft excluders
  • Extra security locks
  • Electric plugs, electric meter and supply of electricity, electricity failure due to a faulty appliance
  • Battery operated smoke alarms
  • Cooker disconnection and reconnection and bayonet fittings
  • Laminate flooring
  • Relighting of pilot light due to no credit on the meter
  • Draining the water supply

You are responsible for all repairs due to accidental or deliberate damage due to fault, neglect or carelessness:

  • Plugs and chains to sinks, hand basins and baths
  • Toilet lid/seat (this will only be replaced if you are a brand new tenant)
  • Internal decoration
  • Knocked radiator valves that are leaking
  • Trip switches/broken fuses as a result of a faulty appliance
  • Nails through pipework
  • Collection of rubbish
  • Repair of unauthorized or unsafe alterations
  • Charging for tenant damage
  • Door adjustment following new carpets
  • Broken glazing
  • Blocked wash hand basin, bath or sink
  • Broken toilet seat
  • Changing door lock due to keys being lost
  • Where plastering has been extensively damaged through the prolonged use of a steamer to strip wallpaper
  • Charging for repairs that are tenant’s responsibility
  • Abuse of the emergency service (for example, if you exaggerate the urgency of the repair request)

If the repair is your responsibility but you ask us to carry out the repair, we will usually charge you. Before the repair is ordered you must sign a recharge form to authorise us to carry out this work. No work will be issued unless this form is signed by the tenant of the property, signatures of friends/family will not be accepted.

Examples of the repairs you can pay us to carry out for you include:

  • Re-glazing windows and doors
  • Changing door locks
  • Unblocking sinks, wash hand basins, baths and external gullies

Phone 01325 388542 and we will arrange an appointment with you. A property inspector may need to visit and assess the repair before the work is ordered.

Making improvements to your home

If you wish to make improvements to your home, you will need to ask permission from us in writing before you carry out any work. Examples could be removing doors, kitchens, installing partitions in bedrooms, altering, removing or replacing any walls and boundary fencing or installing laminate flooring. This list is not exhaustive.

Even if we give our written permission, you may still need planning permission to meet building regulations. We may withdraw our permission if a nuisance is caused. Permissions are not only to safeguard the property, but also to make sure that any work done could not injure you and your family.

You must get written permission before you do any of the following:

  • Carry out alterations to the property
  • Put a greenhouse or shed in the garden
  • Put a garage on the property
  • Fit a CB aerial or satellite dish
  • Build a parking space or drive
  • Build a pigeon cree or aviary
  • Decorate the outside of your house

Planning permission/building regulations

You may still need to get planning permission before the work is started and follow building regulations. All work done at the property needs to be completed to a high standard. All works involving gas supply must be checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer and all electrical work by an NICEIC approved contactor. Any costs incurred regarding planning should be met by yourself.

You may be entitled to compensation for any improvements that you make.

Planning application permissions

Building regulation approvals