Gas servicing and flame failure devices

Gas servicing

As your landlord, we must arrange a service for all the gas appliances and flues in your home, excluding your own appliances, whether you use them or not. This helps us to make sure the appliances are working properly and you are not in danger from carbon monoxide poisoning.

By law this must be done once a year

When you are contacted, initially by letter, please respond immediately and ring 01325 406676 to arrange an appointment (don't forget you can also request an evening or Saturday appointment) but failure to arrange this may be putting yourself and others who live with you at risk.  You would also be breaking your Tenancy Agreement and the law.  In extreme cases, we may have no option other than to get access by taking legal action resulting in court costs that you will be liable to pay, and may result in you losing your home. 

The service only takes an hour to complete and you will be given a record which will show all the checks that have been carried out.

Flame failure devices

In 2008, the rules that govern Gas Safe registered engineers changed, prohibiting the installation of a gas hob into a multi-dwelling building, unless the gas hob has a Flame Failure Device.

A Flame Failure Device or FFD (sometimes known as a Flame Safety Device, FSD), stops the flow of gas when the flame goes out to prevent a gas leak.  Gas hobs don't have this device fitted as standard.

You need a hob with a flame failure device if you live in a:

  • flat
  • maisonette
  • bedsit
  • apartment
  • a house divided into flats/bedsits

You do not need one if you live in a:

  • bungalow
  • semi-detached house
  • detached house
  • terraced house

(although you will need one if any of these has been divided into flats or bedsits)

Your Gas Safe registered engineer can advise you whether the hob you've bought is suitable to be installed in your property.

What if I have already ordered a gas hob without an FFD and live in one of the types of property that requires a FFD?

If this is the case, your Gas Safe registered engineer will not be able to install the unit for you.  You will need to arrange a refund and choose a gas hob with a FFD.

Why are FFD gas hobs more expensive than standard hobs?

Because of the additional parts needed to build them.