Gas servicing

We are required by law to carry out an Annual Gas Safety Check on your property so you must allow us access.

We are responsible for carrying out annual checks of all gas appliances that belong to us. This is including:

  • gas boilers
  • fires

A Gas Safe Engineer will check all appliances every year. This should take around an hour to complete.

We will as a last resort apply to the courts for a warrant to gain access to your property. This is if we are unable to contact you, or you fail to respond to visits or telephone calls. YOU WILL be charged for all the costs that we will incur.

By law this must be done once a year

Your tenancy agreement states you must give us access to the property. This can be for any inspections and repairs that we need to carry out. We may need to make the gas meter safe if we believe the property has been abandoned. This may be due to the lack of response to visits and calls.

We will write to you when your gas service is due and ask for you to call and make an appointment.