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This policy sets out how staff can expect to be supervised and provides managers with the key elements needed to supervise staff effectively. It applies to: all staff employed by Darlington Borough Council whether on a temporary (including agency staff), permanent, full time or part time basis as well as supervisors employed by other agencies with responsibility for the supervision of staff.

2020 children and young people's workforce strategy

In December 2008 the Government published the 2020 children and young people's workforce strategy. This set out the Government's vision that everyone who works with children and young people should be:

  • ambitious for every child and young person
  • excellent in their practice
  • committed to partnership and integrated working
  • respected and valued as professionals.

Whatever their role, the aim is to ensure that members of the workforce have the skills and knowledge to do the best job they possibly can to help children and young people develop and succeed across all the outcomes which underpin Every Child Matters: being safe, staying healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being.

The strategy sets out how the Government will work with partners, and people in the workforce, to ensure that every part of the children and young people's workforce achieves this vision.

2020 children and young people's workforce development strategy [external link]

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Workforce development strategy

This strategy is closely linked to the children and young people's plan

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