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My Journey

The ‘My Journey’ conversation is an opportunity to summarise and review the year, what has gone well, what could have been even better and what the key learning points are, it can also be used to consider future career aspirations. We understand that not everyone wants to be the Chief Exec but we all have personal aspirations and career ambitions and the great news is that the Council is a fantastically diverse organisation with around 800 different roles, so whether you want to be even better in your current role, are thinking about a sideways move, are gearing towards a promotion or thinking about moving on or retiring, we’ll aim to support you with your plans.

All the information you need to complete the perfect My Journey meeting can be found below.

Employees guide to My Journey [pdf document]

Mangers guide to My Journey [pdf document]

Talent Toolkit [pdf document]

Talent grid bite size guide [pdf document]

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