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Quick Surveys

Welcome to your Quick Surveys page.

This page gives you a little more about what the surveys are and why we have them.

As the name suggests, these are short surveys that will be released generally every other month, more frequently, if necessary for a project, giving us feedback on important employee subjects and enabling us to take temperature checks on how we're doing and what we could do better.

The surveys will be repeated at the same point each year asking the same questions which will give us tangible comparable data so we can see how we are doing versus last year, and as time goes on, comparing your views over multiple years. 

Your answer on these surveys will tell us how we are doing as a Council, to check we are heading in the right direction, inform our projects for the future months or simply allow us to tweak anything which could be improved.

We understand time is a precious thing so the surveys will never be more than 6 questions long ad will only be open for between 1-2 weeks at a time. They can be accessed on your computer or personal mobile phone, and will take approximately 40 seconds to complete. All meaning it has never been quicker or more convenient to have your say on the way things are done.

The information you provide us is an in the moment view, we understand that so we will be providing feedback on each survey within 2 weeks of them closing, further information on where to read the feedback can be found at the bottom of this page.

The next quick survey is here and is focussed on communications within the council, follow the link or copy the address into your search bar to take part.

Quick Survey FAQs

  • Why should I complete the survey?

The simple answer is, we want to hear what you have to say. These surveys are for you and us all as employee’s of DBC to have your say on the subjects that matter in work. The responses that you and everyone give will directly impact the decisions that are made about how we do things in DBC and what is more important than that?

The more employee’s throughout DBC that complete the surveys the more voices and opinions we can hear and consider, to identify the areas we need to focus on to impact the most positive change.

  • I’m busy, how long will it take me to complete it?

We have made sure that Your survey is the shortest and the quickest survey we have had. The survey asks no more than 6 questions in total, which are all tick box answers on a rating scale and the average time to complete the surveys is no more than 44 seconds.

  • How do I complete the survey?

You can access the survey via the weekly briefing on the intranet, by scanning the QR code which is on the briefing and the posters which are placed in the Town Hall, The Hippodrome, Dolphin Centre and Allington Way.

  • I don’t have access to the intranet, I am not based in the town hall, how can I complete the survey?

There will be hard copy paper versions of the survey placed in Allington Way, The Hippodrome, Dolphin Centre and the Town Hall for you to complete if you do not have access to the intranet or a smart phone/device. Alternatively speak with your manager about the options available for you to complete the survey.

  • What happens with the answers I give?

Your answers are compiled and reviewed by HR per department and the results and findings are presented to COB. The highlights of the responses are added to the weekly briefing around 2 weeks after each survey is closed and we will also be adding the highlights here for you to see what your department is saying and feeling on each of the surveys.

The answers you give will be reviewed by HR and will impact future decisions and planned changes within DBC, we will then use the same questions at the same point each year, which will enable us to compare the data and see how we are doing as a Council and to check we are heading in the right direction or tweak anything that could be improved.

  • Does my manager see the answers I give?

No, all completed surveys are anonymous, we do not ask for employee name or any individual identifiable information, HR do not know who completes the survey and who does not, only the number of people who have completed per Service Group and Area, your answers will be part of a Service Group/ Area score only.

  • Will I be rewarded for completing the survey?

No, because we want to ensure anonymity and therefore we will not be asking any individually identifiable questions and therefore it is impossible for us to reward any individual for completing the survey as it is set up now and we do not wish to explore making changes. 

  • When do I need to complete the survey?

We will make sure to upload the QR code to this page and publish the opening dates of each survey via The Briefing and internal posters.

Surveys for 2024 are,

  • Health and Safety
  • My Manager
  • Wellness
  • Self and Team
  • Equalities

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