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PDR Survey

Thanks to all of those who took part in the PDR Survey. It took on average just 44 seconds to complete, so it’s never been easier or quicker to have your say and make a positive contribution to change.

In all 3 statements there were a higher % of negative responses than positive ones, the biggest difference was in the statement “I find the current PDR process easy to use, 28% being positive and 50% negative.

The overall satisfaction score for the current process was 5.2 out of 10, so certainly room for improvement.

Answers to questions

  Strongly agree Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree Strongly disagree
I feel the current PDR process is an effective way of identifying and meeting my development needs 5.5 25.7 25.2 26.7 16.8
I find the current PDR process easy to use 4.1 23.6 22.1 31.7 18.5
I value the current PDR process 9.4 25.5 26.7 25.2 13.5


The PDR process is currently under review, which given the results of the 2023 survey is certainly a good thing. During the review we have held roadshows and consulted with various staff groups such as the Engagement Ambassadors. These consultations really helped shape the new process to ensure it gets maximum reward with minimum red tape. Hopefully the 2024 results will show a marked improvement following the implementation of the new scheme.

  • Feedback taken onboard and implemented included hosting the form on MyHR, so there is no need to upload.
  • Making the form shorter, with better functionality.
  • An option of adding narrative rather than it being mandatory, it's up to you and your manager how you record these discussions.
  • Questions tailored around the individual rather than objectives and targets.
  • Focus on career development where there is an appetite by from you.

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