Town Hall exhibition space

A new exhibition space was created at the Town Hall, Darlington, in 2014. There is no charge to view exhibitions and the space is open during standard Town Hall opening hours. There are five display boards with approximately 11 metres of hanging space in total by length. Exhibitions by artists, photographers, designers, local students and local creative projects have been programmed so far. Anyone interested in submitting an exhibition proposal for this space should contact [email protected]

Trace Lines Exhibition at Darlington Town Hall

Monday 20 January 2020 - Friday 13 March 2020

We traced lines through history, culture and community, making personal connections through the act of creativity. The community of Darlington having had creative opportunities from April 2019 through to February 2020 have produced some wonderful material, taking inspiration from local and personal histories, thinking of place and space, linking festivals and celebrations. The exhibition at the Town Hall shows the breadth of the work they have made, showing the quality of their skills and the relevance to their lives and their town.
Artist Adrian Moule, Trace Lines, Pedlin Prints, and Working it Out have been connecting with people sharing print making, conversations and hospitality. More than 300 hundred people took away a print from the Pedlin Prints, doing outreach in four places in Darlington. People inked up a ready cut lino print to experience what print making is, they got to take this signed limited edition print home. During this engagement Adrian asked them questions about using Crown Street library and what kinds of things they would like to do there.

12 people, many who had never made a Reduction Lino Print before, exhibited their work at Green Door’s International Print Exchange in Derbyshire. This was the skills development part of the project with workshops lasting 15 hours over five weeks.
4 participants supported Adrian Moule to make a large Lino Print by cutting out from his plan, the image shows various parts of Darlington with events taken from news cuttings, the Sax player at the Music Festival, or BMX Bikers in South Park and the African Grey.

Art print
Mandala textile
Print example
Flower prints

28 people made Bee prints at the Farmers’ Market, where we talked about food security, health and wellbeing. Another 22 people made Bee and Flower prints at the Darlington Bee Keepers Association exhibition and 18 people made flower prints during the Festival of Thrift exhibition. Throughout the workshops we asked questions about the possible future use of the libraries, the town and the barriers to engaging in cultural activity. 
Five Schools and ten workshops, just shy of 540 young people, made bee and butterfly collagraphs and mono prints.
Throughout the project over a thousand people have made more than 3,000 prints, some big drawing, a mandala, and two mobiles. People aged 3 - 84 took part sharing their visions and outlook for the town, Crown Street Library and Darlington Indoor Market.
It doesn’t stop there … A group of local people who have formed Working it Out and are engaging the community in making and creating from the Working it Out Community Space, currently in the Cornmill Centre.
Trace lines Facebook page [external link]

Flower print process