Booking information

Bookings can be made up to eight days in advance for activities such as badminton, squash, football, fitness classes, and our crèche facilities but payment must be made at least three days in advance.


Bookings made within 3 days of the booking date must be paid for by credit card over the telephone or in person by all payment methods.  If there is availability it may be possible to book and pay on the day that hire is required.

Bookings can be made in person, by telephone (01325 406000/01325 406411) or by minicom (01325 380786) from 2pm eight days in advance of the booking.
Please note: We are unable to take booking requests by email.

Online bookings

Online bookings are now available for Squash, Football, Badminton and Exercise classes, please see our bookings page [opens in new window] and register to make a booking. If you have any problems with the process please email [email protected]

Refund policy

If you have paid in full at least three days before the hire date you may rearrange within eight days of the original booking date. Refunds may be considered at the Manager's discretion. No refunds will be made for bookings made just 24 hours before the hire date.

Cancellation policy

Every effort will be made to preserve casual and block bookings, including working with the hirer; however occasionally it may be necessary to cancel or change its location due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the event that a booking is cancelled by us, any deposit or other monies paid for or towards the charges for the hiring shall be returned. We will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by the hirer other than the charges paid to us for the booking.