Health Referral Scheme

How the Health Referral Scheme Works

  • Visit your GP or Practice Nurse and ask about being referred for exercise at The Dolphin Centre.
  • They will then complete the necessary confidential paperwork with yourself and email it confidentially to our Health Referral Coordinator.
  • Our Health Referral Coordinator will then contact you to arrange an appointment for your initial consultation.
  • It's a 12-week scheme with regular 1:1's to review your exercise needs.

With the Health Referral Scheme you can:

  • Get support and information.
  • Get information on our Membership options.
  • Get information about activities that you can take part in.

What should I expect when I come?

We will already have some of your medical information but one of our exercise professionals will take some additional details and do some health checks with you in a private consultation room.

We will then discuss with you what exercise is the most suitable to help you find the best way to meet your goals. You will also be given a gym induction so please ensure you bring loose comfortable clothing, suitable footwear and a drinks bottle. The team will support you throughout the 12 weeks, with regular interactions at week 3, 6 and 12.

Our gym is fully manned when open and the staff are all fully trained to provide support and assistance whenever needed.


The cost of this initial consultation will be £3.40. Following this there will be a cost per visit, which will vary depending on the exercise options chosen.

Can I bring someone with me?

If you feel more comfortable doing so, you may come with a friend, a member of the family or support worker.


For more information on the scheme please contact the team on 01325 406039.