Real Results

Meet Ming, our latest Real Results member.

Ming is a structural engineer working for a major company within Darlington, as well as attending the Dolphin Centre gym he enjoys scuba diving and also attends a boxing club in his spare time.

After moving to Darlington in 2014 Ming decided that the time was right to improve his fitness and become more active as the majority his working day was spent sitting at his desk working on a computer. Ming took the opportunity to join the Dolphin Centre gym where he has now been an active member for 5 years.

Deciding that the Dolphin Centre gym was right for him was an easy choice because of the facilities on offer, the state of the art gym equipment, the friendly, helpful staff and the convenient location to work and home. He decided to take out a Dolphin Centre Membership and took advantage of the Get Results Service that is offered as part of the package.

During his initial consultation Ming was introduced to Kris one of our instructors whom he has worked alongside closely with ever since.  Changing his program every 6 to 8 weeks Kris has been on hand with advice to allow Ming to meet his training goals.  “Kris advised me to work smart rather than work hard – Kris is always right!” Ming said when speaking of Kris.

Speaking about what he likes most about the Dolphin Centre gym, Ming said that along with the great range of equipment on offer in the gym, he likes the social side of it as the gym has a very friendly atmosphere, the instructors are very approachable and offer great range of advice and are always happy to advise on how to get the best of your workout and the equipment.

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