Service Standards & Guidelines

School Food Standards - Guidance and Regulations

As part of the School Food Plan, a new set of standards [pdf document] for all food served in schools was launched by the Department for Education. They become mandatory in all maintained schools, and new academies and free schools from January 2015. Also, a set of regulations Governing School Food in England [pdf document]

School Meals Suppliers

Our main school meals suppliers are:

The MSC ecolabel (Marine Stewardship Council)

You can trust that seafood with the MSC ecolabel has been responsibly caught by a certified sustainable fishery.
Choosing seafood with the MSC ecolabel helps ensure fish for tomorrow
Only seafood from fisheries that meet our strict standard for sustainability [external link] can be sold with the blue MSC ecolabel. These fisheries ensure that fish are caught at levels that allow fish populations and the ecosystems on which they depend to remain healthy and productive for the future.

As more consumers, restaurants and retailers choose MSC certified seafood, other fisheries are encouraged to meet the standard.  

Read about how we’re helping to create change [external link]

You can trust that seafood with the MSC ecolabel is correctly labelled

From ocean to plate, MSC certified seafood is handled with care. This means it is correctly labelled, can be traced to a sustainable source and is never mixed with non-certified product.

Anyone who processes, supplies or sells MSC certified seafood must follow the MSC’s requirements for traceability [external link].

We regularly check the supply chain to ensure MSC certified seafood is correctly labelled and from a certified source. Independent DNA testing shows that more than 99% seafood with the MSC ecolabel is correctly labelled.

Red Tractor

Red Tractor [external link] was established in 2000 and has grown to become the UK’s leading farm and quality food assurance scheme. Red Tractor was launched by the food industry to promote clearer labelling and ensure food originates from a trustworthy source.
We trace it, so you can trust it.

Red Tractor Company Mission

1.  Define standards
We set robust standards of good agricultural practice to ensure safe food, protection from pollution and, for livestock, animal health and welfare.

2.  Ensure conformance with the standards
Farms and food companies are checked regularly to ensure they meet the requirements.

3.  Clear labelling
The Red Tractor logo on food packs and in service outlets identifies food has come from Red Tractor assured supply chain.

4.  Communicate benefits
Encouraging customers to choose assured products by communicating the values of Red Tractor as a trusted sign of food quality and traceability.