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Why are we funding the Indoor Bowls Club?

There are around 300 members of the bowls club, most of them elderly. It's a very valuable service that helps keep them active and prevents isolation. The Council part funds the Bowls Club as a result of a long standing contractual arrangement with Morrisons that dates back to the opening of the supermarket when Morrisons built the bowling facility.
The Council has the primary lease with Morrisons and we sub-lease to the Bowls Club to which we give some financial support and the club pays the rest.
The agreement dates back to 1981 and the former local borough council, and runs until 31 May 2041. We have worked with the club over a number of years to assist it in reducing its costs with some success, but it could not be reduced further. If the club closed, the Council would be liable for the full costs of the lease.