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Won’t reduced street cleaning and grass cutting make the area look more unsightly and cause health issues?

The Council has a legal duty to ensure as far as reasonably practical that footpaths and the highway are free from litter and that people do not come to harm when visiting parks and open spaces. Much of the work we have done in the past was well above what was legally required, but due to the increasing pressure on our budgets we are being forced to cut back on these services to minimum levels. It is sadly inevitable that there will be an impact and we would urge local residents, and visitors to the borough, to play their part in keeping the area tidy - use litter bins provided or take your litter home to dispose of it. Larger items can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre or you can arrange for collection via the council. We would also welcome any ideas from voluntary and community groups about how they can get involved. Working together we can help keep Darlington a tidy and pleasant place in which to live, work and visit.