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Local Taxation (EffR10)

Core Offer

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This core offer includes services that the council is legally obliged to provide. The link below provides detailed information about what is included.

Link: EffR10 - Local Taxation

This proposal will be discussed at the Efficiency and Resources scrutiny committee [PDF document] on 31 March 2016.

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Core EffR10 (Local Taxation)

You keep taking away more and more services from the town, yet our council tax and cost of living is increasing. It's unfortunate but it seems as though we would be better off packing up and leaving the town and leaving you to it enjoy it alone with you're big fat pay cheques

Core EffR10 (Local Taxation)
Core LLE19 (Highways Design and Works)

I would like to share few of my concerns and expect some answer from the authorities, as a council tax paying member of the Darlington town.
1. The roads in every area of Darlington are appalling. All the roads have been patched up. No proper resurfacing. Some of the smaller roads where there are 5 to 10 houses has been resurfaced but not the most commonly used main roads particularly roads towards Mowden area.
How much of the budget spending has been allocated for roads. I can not find a smooth road in Darlington. Where are the tax payers money going? The car suspension gets damaged due to these poor roads.
2. I find the planning of the roads in the newly designed city centre roads are very poorly planned with lot of confusion for new drivers.
3. The bin system was another poor planning with Color codes difficult to distinguish in darker days. Both the bin look similar and also the capacity for various recycle wastes are poor.
I would like to know the answers the the above issues which are the day to day problems. Also, I would like to know whether a public consultation was done prior to this years planned increase in tax. As tax payers, public must be informed about these issues prior to implementation. I only came to know from the paper.

Core EffR10 (Local Taxation)

Each year you increase Council Tax by the maximum allowable limit. Yet each year we receive less. You have (and are making) more and more cuts each year. You are increasing Council Tax beyond the cost of living. I am a professional who has always worked and over the last 3 years my wage award (1% per annum) has suffered due to increasing Global cost pressures.
Each year I am financially worse through no fault of my own.
You report budget cuts, yet squander money on hair brain schemes such as park and ride. We all know how much that cost us and how little it was used.
So, please tell me how you can justify an increase? Why should I pay for your mistakes?
I find the councils behaviour unbelievable. In no other business could someone expect more whilst offering less. This has to be borderline illegal!

Core EffR10 (Local Taxation)

Another year, another council tax hike! Why are the public always expected to bail out Darlington Borough Council because they can’t manage their budgets efficiently? If DBC hatchet men/women cannot make adequate savings & operate within their current budgets, please allow me? I just cannot understand the mentality of the councillor’s/council employees who authorise these rises think it’s acceptable to rob the purses of your pay masters just because they are incapable of balancing their budgets. You also need to realise most of your paymasters do not receive an annual pay rise of 2-4% to cover these ridiculous council tax hikes, never mind having to manage day-to-day living expenses on their current salaries. Regardless of whether central government funding is being slashed, all I know is I am now expected to pay over £2,000 per annum & for what? All we personally benefit from with regard to DBC services is refuse collection & in its self we public do most of the work ourselves with regards to sorting recycling waste. As for other services i.e. police, fire, refuse collection & education etc I would privatise them all, or pay on demand; simple! I personally think it’s about time DBC initiate some form of mechanism whereby the public have the final say on whether or not local authorities are allowed to raise our council tax & take the decision out of the of the hands of councillors & politicians.

Core LLE12 (Indoor and Outdoor Markets)
Core EffR10 (Local Taxation)
Cut S14 (Strategic Grant Budget)
FF 52b (A Remodelled Dolphin Centre including the Central Library)

The proposed cuts, though in large part a result of central government funding decisions, are also a reflection of mismanagement at a local level. In particular the council prided itself, before the cap on increasing council tax was introduced, on keeping charges at a low level (compared to other local authorities). We now see the results. Also, at a time of sweeping austerity and the scaling back of council services, how can the continuation of high salaries to top-ranking council officials, such as Ada Burns, be justified? The proposed cut to the grants to the Citizens Advice Bureau and Age UK - which is unjustifiable both on humanitarian and economic grounds - and to children's and adult services generally, while top-ranking council staff continue to pocket excessive salaries, really undermines the credibility of the Council's justification of the proposed changes. Darlington used to have a thriving Arts Centre, two libraries and a successful market. All are now closed or threatened with closure. Instead we have a soulless new commercial development at Feethams. I have lived in the town for over 30 years, but am now seriously considering a move away.

Core EffR10 (Local Taxation)

This is a transcription of a comment made during the public meetings held during the budget consultation:

Q: Nothing has been said about business rates as income. If you look at the financial plan, the income from business rates has dropped from £98m for four years from 2016 to 2020 to £87m and at the same time council tax has risen from £164m to £180m. Could it be simply said that the failure of the local authority to attract businesses and to tap into that revenue stream has been lazy and would avoid increasing council tax.

A: I would disagree with that in reality the business rate is set by Government and has risen by a lot more than council tax.