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Ground Maintenance (LLE15)

Core Offer

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This core offer includes services that the council is legally obliged to provide. The link below provides detailed information about what is included.

Link: LLE15 - Ground Maintenance

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Core LLE15 (Ground Maintenance)

It is not recommended to just cut the playing pitches . it is PARAMOUNT that the whole of the area of PLAYING FIELD is well maintained..this includes for safety but also has to meet the needs of the town with pitch provision. This has to be changed from tiime to time to accommodate wear and tear on the pitches due to heavy use or bad weather.
Some pitches need turning, re-sizing to cater for younger players, and if the grass is left, it will of course become unsuitable to play on very quickly.
A pitch is never on its own..,.it is of course to include run off and warm up areas. ALL the grass need to be maintained to a playing standard especially, for football pitches, according to the FA rules. The Councillors will not be familiar with this necessesarily so please ensure you are ALL aware at the Council of what your intentions will cvause if you go ahead blindly as seems to be the intention. Please HIGHLIGHT this in your report as it is a drastic step you may take in error, and with regret. The health of Darlington people are at stake here.

Core LLE15 (Ground Maintenance)
Core LLE5 (Eastbourne Sports Complex)

Re: Sports Pitches (included in Core Offer) You say ''
Sports pitches would continue to be maintained across the Borough whether in a park
or general open space, however grass that is not part of the sports pitch would not be
cut as above. ''
The requirement of sports organisations is that sports FIELDS be cut, essentially for safety but also for the ability for moving pitches due to wear and tear and ensure pitches are up to scratch for play and continue to provide to meet the needs of the town as per the PPG and strategies.
It is most probably an error in choice of wording in saying in this core offer that grass that is not a PITCH will not be cut at the same time, but MUCH MORE THAN JUST THE PITCH AREA ITSELF IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED TO BE CUT.
In addidtion to this, once the tractor is there and cutting the PITCH, surely several more minutes to cut a wider area is not going to cost any more. To do any other would be short term thinking and creating a future problem of the playing fields being turned into hay, unsuitable for play and much more expensive to deal with.Stubbled playing fields are not conducive to sport of any kind.
[You would not, surely, just cut the lanes of a bowling green and leave the edges uncut, so why think of it with other playing fields.]
Playing fields need to be maintained for the health of our sports people and residents whether formal or informal sport by people of all sexes, abilities and ages etc.