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Winter Maintenance (LLE16)

Core Offer

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This core offer includes services that the council is legally obliged to provide. The link below provides detailed information about what is included.

Link: LLE16 - Winter Maintenance

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Core LLE16 (Winter Maintenance)

If Darlington council need to make budget cuts, they need to reduce the amount of times they grit the roads in the winter. My husband and I moved to Darlington in the last year and can't believe how many times the gritters come out and grit the same road 5-6 times on the same night. This is a waste of salt, time and money. Roads are gritted even if there isn't a frost the next morning and everywhere you go the next day the roads are piled with salt layers all over them and white. Too much salt on the roads, rusts the underneath of cars and also cracks the pads of dogs feet if you walk them across the road. Although it is commendable Darlington roads are always clear. The streets just have to be gritted once per night and only when the temperature gets into very low figures the next day. We have counted the Staindrop road in Darlington regularly gets gritted 7 times in one night and then the next morning there isn't even a frost! We think the council is wonderful, but maybe budget cuts here will help put money towards other more important areas that need funding.