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Concessionary Fares (LLE18)

Core Offer

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This core offer includes services that the council is legally obliged to provide. The link below provides detailed information about what is included.

Link: LLE18 - Concessionary Fares

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Core LLE18 (Concessionary Fares)

This has the potential to isolate people who need support to access the community which in turn could have cause an increased need for domiciliary care or in some cases residential care. The money this will save if any will end up being spent elsewhere. This is discriminatory and shows and lack of commitment to disabled people. Furthermore it has the potential to impact on local business etc which disabled people will be prevented from accessing

Core LLE18 (Concessionary Fares)

we think this is shocking because some of us are severely disabled and we need a carer to get onto the bus with us. most older people can travel alone but most disabled people cant travel alone 9 out of 11 young people at our group have a bus pass and uses it regularly with the companion it will cost us much more money to travel if the companion is taken off .
it has upset us and got all of us worried about what will happen if we have to pay and we cant afford it. instead of just giving the bus passes out to everyone it should be screened so actual disabled people are actually receiving the bus passes I would be thankful if someone could acknowledge my concerns and could someone please visit our group to discuss these concerns

Core LLE18 (Concessionary Fares)

The DAD Young Leaders group have raised the following concerns regarding the removal of the concessionary element which enables a carer to travel free with a disabled person -

A carer enablers me to travel safely because I cannot travel on my own and look after myself. Some people may not be able to afford the bus fares. It is not fair.

The carer element keeps a disabled person safe its unfair to everyone

It is important that our bus passes enable a carer to travel free with us because it enables us to travel safely and some of us cant get on the bus without support and also not everyone can go without a carer and the carer keeps the disabled person safe and help them get around the community. If they cant have a carer on the bus with them they wont be able to get out of the house.

I think it is shocking because people cant afford to pay bus fare and some people need them so the carers can take them out. It is needed to keep them safe as they cant be alone.

Some people wont be able to look after themselves in the public. The carers are important for safety. It would be taking away dignity and independence as people may not be able to get around. Some carers will not be able to pay for travel. Some people may not be able to look after their own money.

Without my carers it would be hard to get to see my friends, my carers may not pay for their travel. Without this I would be worried and sad because they help me. My carers might get fed up as it can be expensive

They wont be happy to pay to get on the bus with me

My carer helps me to press the button and get off at the right spot, they I didn't have them I would feel sad and unhappy and they may not want to pay. I would not be able to get out as much.

It is important that a carer doesn't pay as they are doing a job. I need one when travelling long distances and they keep me safe. I would not know where to stop if I didn't have a carer.

Core LLE18 (Concessionary Fares)

Letter from Jenny Chapman MP for Darlington regarding companion passes


Core LLE18 (Concessionary Fares)
Core AH3 (Adult Packages)

Minutes from the people's parliament


Core LLE18 (Concessionary Fares)

Letter about proposals for companion passes


Core LLE18 (Concessionary Fares)

Feedback from the DAD young leaders on concessionary travel


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Core LLE18 (Concessionary Fares)
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