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Street Lighting (LLE20)

Core Offer

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This core offer includes services that the council is legally obliged to provide. The link below provides detailed information about what is included.

Link: LLE20 - Street Lighting

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Core LLE20 (Street Lighting)

I don't know which one of the proposals this issue would come under, but I live in a Council property (Flats) where there are dusk to dawn lights in the communal passage between our properties. These lights are on all through the night, even though for most of that time, they are not needed. Why not have them come on by a PIR sensor - after midnight, when a person walks near them - so that they are only used as required? This could be done throughout the whole of the Council owned properties through the entire town.

All of my neighbours have personal lights outside of their properties that they can switch on as needed, and it is only in the communal passage where there is the need. I would think that this would be a way of saving at least SOME funds overall, if this proposal was initiated.

Core LLE20 (Street Lighting)

I saw some of your budget presentation last week. Well done for meeting the voters. Obviously we have been forced to make some tough choices with limited freedom for action. I support your efforts to keep helping the neediest in the borough.

I have no problems with paying people a reasonable salary to manage multi-million pound budgets and hundreds of staff.

I know some of the audience had problems with borrowing but I agree that the council is there to make a difference for residents. This includes attracting inward investment and improving quality of life and may need to borrow to achieve these aims. This caught my eye in the weekend papers.

This looks like a chance to save revenue-maybe even generate some! What does streetlighting cost?

Core LLE20 (Street Lighting)
Core EffR5 (Members Allowances)
FF 52b (A Remodelled Dolphin Centre including the Central Library)

To save the £170K to keep the library in Crown Street I suggest you investigate the following options;
1. Reduce the number of Counsellors - we do not need more than one active counsellor in our or other wards.
2. Turn off the street lights at midnight - research has shown that this does not increase crime or road accidents.
3. Remove free parking from all counsel employees.