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Allotments (LLE8)

Core Offer

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This core offer includes services that the council is legally obliged to provide. The link below provides detailed information about what is included.

Link: LLE8 - Allotments

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Why do charges for allotments have to increase so much?

Why do charges for allotments have to increase so much?

All services have to contribute to helping the Council balance its budget. Currently there are 18 Council owned sites of which 11 are DBC managed and 7 self-managed.  On the Council managed sites there are 241 plots, of which on 88 plots the tenants pay full price and on 153 plots the tenants pay concession rate, which is half price.  The charge for an allotment plot from April 2016 is £80 for a full plot and £40 for a concession.  The proposal in the MTFP is to remove the concession from 2017/18 altogether so all tenants pay the full price and over the following three years, further raise the charges by £40 in 2017/18 to £120, £25 in 2018/19 to £145 and finally by another £25 in 2019/20 taking the charge for an allotment plot to £170.
The increased charges are required to cover operating costs, making the service break even. 

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Core LLE8 (Allotments)

The proposal is an absolute disgrace. At no time has it ever been punished in current bills or under transparency that allotments are subsidised. I'd like to know how any costs are incurred as there are no facilities provided this is just a money making exercise

My 'allotment' is not full size and is at the back of my property and was previously waste land owned by The Railway. There is no possible access to the allotment and no facilities provided to it by the council. If I decide to give the allotment up due to this unjustified rip off would receiv no income at all due to no possible access

Core LLE8 (Allotments)

I have do not have an allotment or any connection with any allotment holders, but the proposed price rise, more than tripling the cost of a plot by 2021, is a ridiculous rate of increase and puts them massively above the cost of plots in other local authority areas.

Despite the huge increase, the revenue to be gained from a maximum of 241 council owned plots is insignificant in terms of the overall budget. In reality it will be even smaller than the proposals suggest because a substantial number of current allotment holders will clearly have to give up their plots in the face of the proposed prices and new allotment holders will refuse to pay the extremely high cost.

It is difficult to see this as anything other than a council ploy to ensure that a great many plots are left vacant, thereby justifying them being sold off for housing development within a few years. The allotments are an easy target to make balancing the budget easier in the future.

Given the health benefits derived from gardening and from eating fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly when seen in conjunction with widespread cuts to public health services, encouraging the uptake of allotments would be a much more sensible approach than deliberately making them unviable.

Core LLE8 (Allotments)

We have just received the letter about the price increase for having an allotment in Darlington I'm happy to pay the proposed increase - however I'm not happy with the condition of the road at the salters lane allotment site There is potholes all over the road and nothing seems to get done about ir my dad has had a broken spring on his van due to the potholes and I've had a broken spring on my car ( can we claim for these?) If so can you send me the link Can we get the road repaired as soon as possible it needs tarmac not just loose stones throwing into holes.

Core LLE8 (Allotments)

Due to some law passed during the second world war the council is legally obliged to make allotments accessable to all, how is increaseing rent making allotment accessable to all. You are penalising low income, elderly people who possible there only pleasure and daily activity is going to the allotment. It will soon be the case that people will not be able to afford and allotment, but maybe that is the plan, allotments seems to be on prime housing land. Shame on you Darlington Council