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Cease Domestic Abuse Floating Support (03)


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Futures Fund

This cut may not get implemented in full because there are proposals to include the service within the futures fund. Please visit the futures fund proposal to find out more. 


To decommission the contract for the provision of Floating Support to Victims of Domestic Abuse and their children ( this is not the Women’s Refuge which contains 8 units of provision)

This service provides Outreach support for victims of Domestic Abuse and specific support for children affected by Domestic Abuse.  The service enables individuals/families to improve the quality of their lives by addressing safety, legal and housing matters, then to develop coping mechanisms and resilience. By helping individuals to resolve the present crisis by reducing risk and increasing feelings of safety, the service  creates space for the individual to start taking control and planning for the future. There is insufficient provision in the Refuge for the overall numbers presenting. The contractor offers confidence building programmes to avoid repeat incidents of Domestic Abuse, the programmes have an integral role in supporting recovery from domestic abuse and improving mental wellbeing.

This service is part of a pathway of services for victims of Domestic Abuse. It is the identified route of support for women leaving the refuge and can also, in many cases, prevent the need for families to enter the refuge. It is the only service available to support male victims.

£22,000 of the contract has been deemed statutory to cover the MASH worker and Children’s worker and would continue to be funded. 


03 Cease Domestic Abuse Floating Support

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Cut C03 (Cease Floating Support for Domestic Violence victims)

I think taking this support away would be very detrimental! I was previously abused by my partner and had a lot of help and support to get out of the relationship and feel safe and secure! 7 years on and the scars are still there for both me and my child! Domestic abuse is very difficult to deal with and I believe you never really overcome it. Support services are vital to all men women and especially children who have been victim.

Cut C03 (Cease Floating Support for Domestic Violence victims)

Cutting this funding is a false economy. I suggest you look at the research by Professor Sylvia Walby (2004 & 2009) regarding the cost of domestic abuse to society. Removing or reducing this specialist service will put victims of domestic abuse and their children at risk of serious harm or homicide. Clearly other services have a role in supporting victims of DV (housing, health, social services, police, substance misuse services etc) but few 'generic' services have the indepth knowledge of how best to support victims and keep them safe - or indeed a specific specialist remit to do so. As well as providing direct emotional and practical support to victims the domestic abuse outreach service acts in a coordinating role - ensuring victims access the right services and avoiding duplication of effort and resources. Their early intervention can prevent a situation escalating and becoming more costly in terms of service requirements and human life. Also please note - your EIA comments on the impact on women only. Domestic violence and abuse can affect any individual regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation/identity. The outreach service does not only support female victims.

Cut C03 (Cease Floating Support for Domestic Violence victims)

Letter about the proposals for domestic abuse services


Cut C03 (Cease Floating Support for Domestic Violence victims)
Cut W13 (Street Cleaning and Environmental Crime)
Cut S06 (Contribution to Community Safety, Violence Prevention and Social Exclusion)
Core HP2 (Public Health 0-19 Years )
Cut S02 (DAAT and substance misuse)
Cut S14 (Strategic Grant Budget)
Core CYP5 (Youth Offending)
Core HP3 (Public Health Substance Misuse )

Response to Darlington MTFP from Durham Constabulary and PCVC