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Reduce Young Person's Pathway (07)


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To remove the non-statutory elements contained within the Positive Support Pathway for Young People up to age 25 years. The Positive Support Pathway (PSP) works with Young People (16-25) who are Homeless or at risk of becoming Homeless. The PSP fulfils Darlington Borough Council’s statutory responsibility to young people due to our obligation under Housing legislation and The Children Act 1989.

Elements that are discretionary include: activities and pathway co-ordination work; personalised outcomes budget and elements of floating support. . Floating support delivers support to those young people whose needs are inappropriate for shared accommodation based provision and to support individuals to move on from the hostel.  The proposal is for a de-commission of the discretionary elements of the pathway not a full de-commission.

(The statutory elements of the PSP encompass: mediation, crisis support, YMCA hostel (27 units and 1 x crash pad); 3 units for Young People Leaving Care, 8 dispersed units for those unsuitable for Homeless hostel accommodation, due to high needs or vulnerability and 4 units for those in Further Education, training and employment.)


07 Reduce Young Person's Pathway

Related FAQs

If you are reducing support for vulnerable homeless people what will happen to them?

If you are reducing support for vulnerable homeless people what will happen to them?

It is proposed that contracts will be ended with local providers who support approximately 500 vulnerable adults with their tenancies and in terms of improving their well-being and outcomes.  We realised there is a danger that some of these will deteriorate when the support is withdrawn and go on to have acute housing or social care needs.  Therefore, it is proposed to design a new service which will provide some support for many of these former beneficiaries; support won’t be as much as before or for as many as before, but will be there to maintain a service to prevent needs from escalating. There will also be some specialist provision for victims of domestic abuse contained within this budget.

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Cut C07 (Reduce some elements of Young Persons Pathway)

This service is unique as young people have no where to go for help and advice in times of crisis or homelessness. The service meets the needs of young people who are estranged from family and may have no one or no where else to turn. What will be offered instead if this service ends.