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Parish Council - Council Tax Support Grant (H4)


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To cease the payment of Council Tax Support Grant to the Parish Councils.  Estimates of the grant payable for 2016/17 are below;

Bishopton - £532

Heighington - £1,560

High Coniscliffe - £370

Hurworth - £3,352

Low Coniscliffe / Merrybent - £274

Middleton St. George - £3,523

Neasham - £439

Piercebridge - £235

Sadberge - £1,125

Whessoe - £1,027

The grant is identified in the Councils financial settlement however it is not ring fenced.  Removal of the grant will mean the parish councils will need to increase their precept or reduce their expenditure.


H4 Parish Council - Council Tax Support Grant

This proposal will be discussed at the Efficiency and Resources scrutiny committee [PDF document] on 31 March 2016.

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Cut H04 (Parish Council - Council Tax Support)

As a resident of MSG we already pay over and above in council tax charges. To be asked to pay even more is not reasonable given that salaries have not increased and there has been no improvement in services. Paying in excess of £2000 a year for council tax is enough, thank you very much without paying more again

Cut H04 (Parish Council - Council Tax Support)

Not your money to keep -