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Communications Team (H8)


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Although this is an unknown quantity at this point in time, it is estimated that there is £46k for variable overheads in these areas which would need to be removed when the reduction in operational services is known.  The costs of the services have been analysed between fixed, specific and variable costs to assist in this exercise and it is only the variable overhead cost which can be removed. The impact of the reduced budget will vary depending upon how the savings are made. The types of services that could be affected include;

  • Responsive and proactive media activities (such as dealing with press enquiries, press releases, and articles for the One Darlington magazine).
  • Working with partner organisations to provide communications services relating to campaigns and during civil emergencies.
  • Co-ordination of marketing activities and managing design and print activities.
  • Development and maintenance of Council websites and social media profiles.
  • Co-ordination of internal communications and maintenance of the Intranet.

Link: H8 Communications Team

This proposal will be discussed at the Efficiency and Resources scrutiny committee [PDF document] on 18 March 2016.

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