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Civil enforcement officers (Mc6)


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The proposal is to delete two Civil Enforcement Officer posts, one of which is currently vacant. 

The CEO’s bring in more income than their salaries through parking penalties.  However the new MSCP will reduce workload and number of penalties issued.  


Mc6 - civic enforcement officers

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Cut Mc06 (Civil enforcement officer)

so you're proposing to reduce the number of penalties issued and therefore staff even though you say income exceeds their salaries. Must be Darlo council logic in there somewhere...

Cut Mc06 (Civil enforcement officer)

The whole problem with waste flytipping derived from the council's decision some years ago to charge for the acceptance of commercial waste at the Council tips. People will inevitably try to avoid this cost and this results in the council spending, probably more money collecting it from the countryside.
If we went back to the old system whereby everyone took everything to the tip, and if you wanted a bit of plywood, say or an old computer, you could take it away, this would be true recycling and everyone would be happy.
No doubt Heath and Safety is the usual excuse for the collection system becoming ever more complex and expensive, and I know from visiting a cottage in France regularly that the present system of skips and a ramped access was introduced throughout Europe at roughly the same time. No doubt they are telling you how you must do things today!
Yours sincerely

Cut Mc06 (Civil enforcement officer)

We are very concerned about the proposal to reduce collection of fly tipping, and to no longer issue fixed penalties for fly tipping or proceed with prosecutions.
We have regularly contacted the council about the problem in this area of Heighington, and on two of those occasions it was dead horses, in Newbiggin Lane.
Whilst we do our best to keep the lanes clean of small items, it is often much larger items which are tipped, and if this service is cut the rural areas are likely to disappear under a sea of rubbish.