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Environmental health officer (Mc7)


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Delete 1 FTE EHO (currently vacant).

At peak times some programmed inspections may need to be outsourced. Unable to spend as much time working with businesses to develop their proposals.  Some external resource may need to be bought in to ensure that statutory minimum number of inspections are carried out.  This is reflected in the saving identified.


Mc7 - Environmental health officer


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Core EffR19 (Senior Management costs)
Cut Mc07 (Environmental health officer)

Within the structures particularly in Environmental Services there appears to be a level of management that is surplus to need. Why have Street Scene/Building Cleaning, Waste & Recycling/Transport, Horticulture and Countryside managers reporting to a Head of Service when each could feasibly report directly the Assistant Director. Removing this level of management would allow for an 'at risk service' to be brought back in such as the much needed two enforcement officers dealing with environmental crime (e.g. fly tipping) or indeed several 'street orderlies'.