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Private sector housing (Mc8)


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Description of Proposal:

Delete 0.5fte field officer (currently vacant).

Risk: Cease the Landlord Accreditation Scheme and non-statutory inspections.

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Cut Mc08 (Private sector housing)

Please find below comments from a member regarding the loss of the Empty Homes post within the Private Sector Housing Team. The member asked me to send the comments on his behalf: I believe the decision to remove the 2 Empty Homes post is flawed and will result in a surge in the amount of empty homes in Darlington. It was described as being taken up by council tax under existing resources, however a recent new post in Council Tax is a hybrid of the 2 posts being removed, with many of the same characteristics. I believe TUPE should have been applied in this situation. Moreover, the decision was taken outwith the MTFP, however the potential for increase in Empty Homes is a consequence that many stakeholders ought to have visibility of, and coming at the same time as the MTFP which also has many linked consequences for stakeholders, it ought to have had the same visibility and consultation.