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Tees Valley Shared Service (S03)


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Cut to Public Health Specialist advice and capacity. Notice served on contract with Redcar and Cleveland Council for Tees Valley Public Health Shared Service. The Tees Valley Public Health Shared Service is a shared arrangement with the other four Tees Valley authorities and secures access to highly specialised Public Health advice such as Public Health Medicine, epidemiology and Pharmaceutical advice and support. This supports the Director of Public Health and the local specialist Public Health team to enable the council in discharging its Public Health duties and responsibilities.

Following an analysis of what support which could not be provided through the local specialist Public Health team that would be required by Director of Public Health to discharge the statutory Public Health duties a budget of £31,700 will be retained to ensure access to highly specialist Public Health advice is able to be procured from any qualified provider as required.


S3 - Tees Valley Shared Service

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Core HP2 (Public Health 0-19 Years )
Cut S08 (Public Health Other)
Core HP1 (Public Health Sexual Health Services)
Cut Hu01 (Childrens Centres, Early Help and intervention - Specialist Family Support)
Cut S03 (Core offer and Tees Valley Public Health Shared Service)

CCG Letter of Response to MTFP