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Reductions to Community Safety Contributions (S06)


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To reduce the Council’s Community Safety contribution to the statutory minimum, which is to contribute to the development of a Community Safety Strategy for Darlington.

Community Safety budget (staff x2) £101,751


S6 - Reductions to Community Safety Contributions

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Cut C03 (Cease Floating Support for Domestic Violence victims)
Cut W13 (Street Cleaning and Environmental Crime)
Cut S06 (Contribution to Community Safety, Violence Prevention and Social Exclusion)
Core HP2 (Public Health 0-19 Years )
Cut S02 (DAAT and substance misuse)
Cut S14 (Strategic Grant Budget)
Core CYP5 (Youth Offending)
Core HP3 (Public Health Substance Misuse )

Response to Darlington MTFP from Durham Constabulary and PCVC